Coffee Butterscotch Cake

I’m supposed to post one my three chicken recipes, on which I organised a poll before. But, I was craving for a cake, and came up with this. I’ll post chicken recipe soon.

And in my never ending quest to understand baking and making pastries, bread and cakes, I decided to make a cake again, while twisting the flavours. Its a simple recipe which you can play around to get a wonderful symphony between coffee and butterscotch / Vanilla.

But first, Ingredients!


  1. Flour – 2.5 cups
  2. Sugar – 1 cup
  3. Baking powder – 1 spoon
  4. Salt – 1 spoon
  5. Cocoa powder – 2 spoons
  6. Milk – 1 cup
  7. Butter  – 1 cup / 100 gms [unsalted]
  8. Buttermilk  – 1/2 cup
  9. Instant coffee, instant – 1 & 1/2 spoon
  10. Butterscotch flavour – 1 spoon

Step 1 The Dry stuff

The process is quite similar to any other cake making process. Sift together flour, salt, baking powder and 1 spoon cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl. Mix well and keep aside.

Step 2 The wet stuff

This is standard again. Break in two eggs in another mixing bowl. Add sugar and mix well. Now keep adding small dabs of butter and keep mixing. Keep whisking actually. Once done with butter, add a cup of milk, and mix again. Do this till a nice consistency is achieved.

Step 3 Everything together

Now keep adding the liquid to the bowl containing the dry ingredients slowly, mixing everything. It should be a nice paste, not runny, but creamy in texture. Also add about half a cup buttermilk and mix properly.


Step 4 The Flavours!

Divide the mixture equally into two bowls. In one add a teaspoon of butterscotch flavour and in other mix 2 spoons of instant coffee powder. Make sure you’ve dissolved the coffee in about a quarter cup of milk before.

Butterscotch – Left; Coffee – Right

Step 5 Baking

Grease a baking utensil of your choice with oil or butter. I used a non – sticking baking spray. Pour in both the mixtures to form designs of your choice. Me and my wife decided to pour it alongside. You can form layers if you like. Another cool way would be to spin the utensil, while pouring.

wpid-img_20150522_194931.jpg wpid-img_20150522_195004.jpg wpid-c360_2015-05-22-21-03-04-206.jpgNow bake for about 30 minutes at 220 C. And do not forget to preheat the oven!

Step 6 EAT!!!

After you are done baking, let the cake rest for 5 minutes. Now place the utensil inverted on to a plate and give a slight tap on the back. The cake should fall on its face 😛

Add some liquid chocolate on the top!


Eat and enjoy!


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  1. ammmmm…yumm 🙂 🙂

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    1. Mudit Mittal says:

      Thanks 😀


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