Egg Coleslaw, Multi Pepper Sandwich

It was breakfast time, and I wanted to do something with eggs.  So I kept a few eggs on to boil and went out for fresh air for a while. Next came in the idea to use fresh cream or Malai. With limited vegetables and no meat in the fridge, I came up with an Egg  Coleslaw Sandwich. Its really simple with not many ingredients. Also me and my wife have come up with a video demonstrating the process. Please do watch the video here.


  1. Hard boiled eggs – 2
  2. Onions, thin slices – 1
  3. Tomatoes, thin slices – 1
  4. Bread slices
  5. Pepper, crushed
  6. Salt
  7. Butter

Step 1 The Coleslaw

Mash the boiled eggs in a bowl and add about two serving spoons of fresh malai (cream). Add half a teaspoon of salt and some crushed pepper. I have a crusher with 4 different type of pepper in it. Hence the name multi pepper. Mix everything, making a good paste. Keep aside.

Step 2 Caramelize the onions

Heat a spoon of butter in a pan, and throw in the finely sliced onions. Keep tossing time to time to avoid burning. Heat till golden in colour.


Step 3 The Sandwich

Place sliced tomatoes on the top of one bread slice. Apply the egg paste made in step 1. Add some more pepper to it, and top it finally with caramelized onions. If your inner animal is waking up, slice up some sausages and place them too. Now place another bread slice and voila, your sandwich is ready. You may grill it if you like.

wpid-img_20150523_083516.jpg wpid-img_20150523_084136.jpg

Step 4 EAT!


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