Tarte Tatin [ A French Classic ]

Tarte Tatin, a french classic, discovered by accident by twin sisters at Tatin Restaurant. I saw this recipe by Julia Child, and man I have been thinking of doing it for months. Here I’m with all that is required.


  1. Apples 2
  2. Sugar
  3. Butter [unsalted] / Ghee
  4. Pastry Dough

Step 1 Cut them, apples the!

Peel the apples and slice them into medium pieces.wpid-img_20150804_205215.jpg

Step 2 Caramelize!

  • Take a pan, now this is important. This pan will eventually go into oven, so make sure no plastic stuff. Ok, So take a pan, spread butter evenly on it. Now spread about half a cup of sugar on it.
  • Start placing sliced apples on it, in a flower form.

wpid-img_20150804_205443.jpg wpid-img_20150804_205558.jpg

  • Turn the heat up, and let the apples caramelizewpid-img_20150804_210637_1.jpg.
  • Once, they are golden, turn the heat off.
  • Shape the dough in a large circle, and cover the apples with the dough.wpid-img_20150804_213240.jpg
  • Bake it on 200 C for about 25 minutes
  • Take it out, cover with a plate, and invert.




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