Healthy Chana Tikki

Tikki is a lip smacking, all time Indian favorite chaat, that is made by mashed boiled potatoes, by frying them in oil or ghee. My version of Chana [grams] Tikki is a simple, yet a healthy vegetarian dish, that basically came out by accident, I must admit. Here’s what happened.

I was watching a lot of TLC and other Food channels, and learned some middle eastern dishes. Watching those, I learned how hummus is made. I  wanted to make something else, but with hummus.  And I thought let’s have ‘Spicy Hummus Pancakes’ !

Soaked Chana


  1. Chana – 1 cup, soaked overnight
  2. Ground nuts – 1/4 cup
  3. Green chili – 2 – 3
  4. Sesame Seeds black – 2 tea spoons.
  5. Mustard oil  – for cooking
  6. Salt
  7. Black pepper, crushed  – 4

The tikki paste

  1. Make a paste of overnight soaked black chana.wpid-img_20150617_201047.jpg
  2. Toast black sesame seeds and add to the chana paste.
  3. Add ground nuts, salt, pepper and chili to chana paste and churn again. Add some water and oil if required to get a nice consistency.
Toasted Black Sesame Seeds
The final Paste

The making or cooking

  1. Heat about a one spoon mustard oil [any other cooking oil will do] in a nonstick pan.
  2. Drop the paste forming tikki shapes and cook from both sides.

wpid-img_20150617_203542.jpg wpid-img_20150617_204453.jpg



Serve with Tea and fresh coriander chutney.

Green Chutney and Tea along with Tikki

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