Red Wine Mutton

Warning! The images may be either too mouthwatering [for non – vegetarians] or gore [for vegetarians] to handle!

Bonjour! I have always been a fan of Nigella Lawson, but recently I saw ‘The little Paris Kitchen‘ by Rachel Khoo on TV. Man she is amazing! She was preparing beef in red wine. I really like the way she cooked, and slowly this recipe was growing in the back of my mind. Also, my very short stay in Toulouse, France has left sweet memories of French cuisines in my mind.

But this recipe finally took off when we all friends gathered at Pallav’s house for a game of Counter Strike [wife was on holiday, and I was bachelor for a couple of weeks]. Next day, tired of all the gaming we did, we decided to cook this dish.


  1. Mutton – 750 gm  [Ribs and legs, leaner cuts]
  2. Red wine for cooking. [I’ll prefer the cheapest one, easy on the pocket]
  3. Parsley, fresh, about a fistful.
  4. Rosemary, fresh, about two sticks.
  5. Black pepper kernels [4 -5]
  6. Salt [ 2 tablespoon]
  7. About 6 cloves of garlic
  8. 1 large onion, finely chopped.
  9. 1 big carrot [Orange coloured, large cuts, about 1 inch long]
  10. 1 or 2 potato [large cuts, cut one potato in four]
  11. Vegetable or better, Olive Oil.

Serves how many?

Well, lets say if I, Pandey ji and AKY were to eat that would be all. We can fit in Pallav at max!

The how part!

Step 1 Preparation

Cut Carrot and potato into large pieces. Clean 6-7 cloves of garlic and keep them ready. Now hand pound about 5 kernels  of black pepper. That’s it! Oh and yes, finely chop a large onion.

Step 2 Grill that mutton

Take a big sauce pan or kadhai, and heat generous amount of Olive oil [about 6 teaspoons]. Now take mutton pieces and throw into the pan. Be careful with the flying hot oil and water. Now with a cooking tong or a large spoon, turn the sides. Make sure the meat is near crisp from all sides. This will caramelize the meat and bring out the flavours.

Grilled mutton chops

Step 3 Bring everything together.

Use the same pan, in which all the mutton was grilled. Use the left over oil. If all was soaked up, add some more. Now throw in the finely chopped onions, and stir till golden in colour. Squeeze the garlic with heavy side of knife and throw in them too. Basically throw in everything. No need to chop parsley or rosemary.

Step 4. The aha moment!

Pour in the red wine. Slowly churn while you do so. You should smell the sudden burst of flavours. Pour till everything is submerged well. This recipe can easily use a complete bottle of wine. Now place a lid and cook for about an hour on low heat.


After an hour of cooking, check if the meat is tender. Add more wine, if required. you can also add a little water if you need more liquid in the recipe.wpid-wp-1430461215261.jpegStep 5 EAT!!

Bon Appetite!
Bon Appetite!

Voilà! Serve with rice or French baguette. Bonn appetite!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good one chef.. Thanks for sharing this recipe..
    Bewda Murga.. Red wine mutton.. Do u always prefer your meat drunk.. Lol in good spirit cheers !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mudit Mittal says:

      Hahah… More to come… I do have some without alcohol and totally fat free.. will post them soon. Thanks for the comments! Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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